Robomow RS630 Robotic Lawnmower by Robomow

Robomow RS630 Robotic Lawnmower Click to verify Price 2499.00 New to the Robomow range of robotic mowers in 2013 was the RS630 fully automatic robot lawnmower. The largest Robomow in the range the RS630 has a fully floating 56cm cutting width deck which moves with the ground and is designed to mow large domestic lawns up to 3000 square metres (3/4 acre) in size. Robotic mowers could'nt be more time saving and simple to use. The RS630 will leave it's base station at the programmed time, complete it's mowing route then return home to the base station all on it's own. Fitted with tough steel blades the Robomow RS630 can tackle longer grass and even twigs on the ground, mulching them between it's blades. The Robomow RS630 automatic mower can also tackle mowing on slopes of up to 20 degrees, has large knobbly wheels for extra traction and has adjustable mowing heights of between 20 and 80mm. Pin code protected with anti-theft system as standard. Features and Specifications Model : RS630 Mowing Area Size : Up to 3000 square metres (3/4 acre) Mowing Width : 56cm – Cuts 3cm outside wheels centre Deck : Floating Blades : 3 Steel Blade Replacement : Snap Fit Average Time on Lawn : 6 hours per day Mowing Heights : 20-80mm Base Station : Yes Slopes : Yes, up to 20 degrees (36%) Manual Mowing Option : Yes (with optional remote control) Multi-Zones : Yes Rain Sensor : Yes Sensor Equipped Bumpers : Yes Noise Level : 68db(A) in ECO mode Anti-Theft : Pin code and Alarm, Child Lock Lift and Tilt Sensor : Blades will automatically stop if the Robomow is lifted or tilted over Battery Charging Time : 2 Hours Weight : Approx 19kg (incl batteries) Dimensions : 73.5 x 66 x 31 cm Average Working Time : 1.30 hours depending on grass conditions Water Resistance : Durable and UV protected Complete with Base Station, Perimeter switch, Perimeter Wire (375M) and 45 Pegs Warranty : Manufacturer's 3 Year

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