Robomow RS622 Robotic Lawnmower by Robomow

Robomow RS622 Robotic Lawnmower Click to verify Price 1999.00 Simply the easiest way to enjoy your garden in the summer! Robomow have introduced improvements to their range of RC and RS robotic mowers from 2015 These include Turbo mow for fast, effective cutting of longer grass and at the start of the season. A 3 year warranty on all RC & RS models sold in 2015. Smartmow so the mower plans it’s next move before reaching the perimeter wire, full multi-zone support and access to a mobile app for installation help and customer service advice. Sit back and relax while a Robomow fully automatic robotic lawn mower cuts your lawn for you. The RS range of robotic mowers all have floating decks and a 56cm mowing width with 2 twin-bladed cutting blades. Floating decks are counter balanced allowing the mower to follow the contours of your gardens lawn for an even cut. The Robomow RS622 is designed for lawns up to 2200 square metres and the RS622 can be programmed to start and stop mowing when you like all through your smartphone and Bluetooth. The RS622 uses twin-edged reversible tri-blades which mulch the grass into tiny pieces virtually disappearing into the lawn for the best cut and finish. The RS622 is powered by a 26v 4.6Ah Lithium Iron Phosphate battery which is automatically charged when the mower returns to the base station. The improved LiFePO4 battery gives faster charging time, longer battery life and is more environmentally friendly than previous lithium batteries. Attached to a base station the Robomow RS622 automatic mower leaves it's base station at the appointed time and returns there at the end of the run to re-charge ready for the next mow. The RS622 has many superb features including A ‘planetary’ gearbox is compact in design with sealed bearings which help to reduce the overall noise level of the mower. A rain sensor so the mower stops cutting in the wet and returns directly to it’s base. A tilt sensor which stops the blades rotating if the mower tilts too far over or is picked up. An anti-slip sensor allows the mower to react quickly if it gets stuck and reduce the chance of it loosing traction. The anti-theft protection, disabling system and an alarm system are standard for extra peace of mind. Power wheels which provide 70% more traction on slopes or damp ground The Robomow RS622 can even drive itself to the next mowing area even if this means crossing a path or terrace. The mower comes complete with a Roboruler, Operating Manual, DVD, Quick Start Guide, 300 metres of perimeter wire and 400 pegs. Specifications Model : RS622 Battery : Lithium LiFePO4 26V 4.6Ah Motor : DC Brushless Mowing Power : 400w Mowing Area Size : Up to 2200 square metres Floating Deck : Yes Mowing Width : 56cm Blades : 2 tri-blades Blade Replacement : Snap Fit Power Wheels : Yes Average Time on Lawn : 50-65 minutes Mowing Heights : 20-80mm Base Station : Yes Slopes : Yes, up to 20 degrees (36%) Manual Mowing Option : Yes (with optional remote control) Multi-Zones : 4 sub zones, 2 separated zones Rain Sensor : Yes Noise Level : 66db(A) in ECO mode Anti-Theft : Pin code and Alarm Blue Tooth Connectivity Robomow App : Yes Remote Control App : Included Lift and Tilt Sensor : Blade will automatically stop if the Robomow is lifted or tilted over Battery Charging Time : 90-135 minutes Weight : Approx 20kg (incl batteries) Dimensions : 73.5 x 66 x 31 cm Average Working Time : 50-65 minutes depending on grass conditions Extension Cable : 20m Complete with Base Station, Perimeter switch, Perimeter Wire (300M) and 400 pegs Warranty : Manufacturer's 3 Year

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