Replacement Battery for Gtech HT01 Cordless Hedge Trimmer (Conventional) by GTECH

Replacement Battery for Gtech HT01 Cordless Hedge Trimmer (Conventional) Click to verify Price 29.62 A powerful 12v rechargeable Gtech battery. This will run for approximately 30 – 60 minutes (dependent on workload) and will serve as either a replacement or spare battery for the Gtech HT01 cordless hedge trimmer. Important Notes: The Gtech HT01 Cordless Hedge Trimmer has been manufactured in two versions, each with a different type of battery. This is the conventional 12 volt replacement battery and is suited to HT01 models with the large pouch battery container. It has a round threaded connector port with three round terminals. Before ordering , please check that your current HT01 battery is the same as that illustrated here. If your battery is different to the one illustrated here, you have the HT01 cordless hedgetrimmer version which is supplied with the slimfit 12 volt Nicad battery. This HT01 12 volt Nicad battery is also available to purchase online.

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