MITOX REPLACEMENT CHAIN LOOP (MILY/T1187 JL9-3) by Mitox Parts and Attachments

MITOX REPLACEMENT CHAIN LOOP (MILY/T1187 JL9-3) Click to verify Price 22.80 Genuine Mitox Replacement Chain Loop MILY/T1187 JL9-3 39 Drive link chain 3/8″ 1.3mm 0.050 Suitable for the following models; Mitox 271MT MItox 281MT Mitox 28MT Mitox 27MT 26PP Pole Pruner 266PP Pole Pruner (266-PP) Chain type (3/8 1.3mm) also referred to as; Oregon Type 91 (OR91), Carlton N1C, Stihl Picco (Micro, Duro, Super), Stihl 63PM, Husqvarna H43X, EM S43X, Windsor 50R, Homelite 35-M50, GB (Sabre, TSC, Excel) 357, Dolmar 92.

Garden Equipment
Product Price: 22.80 VERIFY
Brand: Mitox Parts and Attachments VERIFY
Merchant: Mowers Online VERIFY
Product created on: 20-11-2013 21:37 VERIFY
Product Last updated: 27-02-2015 14:52 VERIFY

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