Mitox LS700 Multisplit Vertical 7 Tonne Electric Log Splitter by Mitox

Mitox LS700 Multisplit Vertical 7 Tonne Electric Log Splitter Click to verify Price 579.00 If you are looking for a log splitter that is capable of splitting the toughest of logs, then the Mitox LS700 vertical electric log splitter is the right machine for you. Its 240v 2500w motor is capable of producing an astonishing 7 tonnes of splitting force. This machine is able to split logs with a maximum length of 1040mm and it also has a 3 position adjustable splitting table which allows you to split long, medium and small sized logs. Not only is the Mitox LS700 an extremely powerful machine but it is also very safety conscious. In order to operate it you must have both your hands on the two operator control switches. This ensures that your hands are not near any moving mechanical objects that could cause injury when the machine is in use. The operator control switches also have hand guards on them to protect your hands. This machine also ensures that the logs are held tightly in place when being split. The hand guards have toothed grippers that bite in to the log and hold it in place to prevent it from slipping out. This Mitox log splitter has a 4 way Multisplit splitting wedge. The multisplit splitting wedge splits the log in 4 different directions. This is very useful as it means you don’t have to keep splitting the same log over and over again to get to your desired size. It also has quicksplit technology which allows you to adjust the pushing block. By adjusting the pushing block you can change the distance at which the splitting wedge has to travel. This will save you time as you don’t have to wait for the splitting wedge to complete a full cycle before adding another log. Specifications: Type: Vertical Motor: 240V Power: 2500W Maximum Splitting Force: 7 tonnes Splitting Length:1040mm Cable Length: 5m Multisplit: Yes Quicksplit: Yes

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