Mitox CS45 Pro 45cc 16 Inch Petrol Chainsaw by Mitox

Mitox CS45 Pro 45cc 16 Inch Petrol Chainsaw Click to verify Price 209.00 The Mitox CS45 Pro 16 Inch Petrol chainsaw comes equipped with a 45cc air cooled 2 stroke engine which can produce 1.8w of power. This chainsaw only weighs 6.2kg and has an ergonomically designed handle that is comfortable and reduces vibration. These features make the CS45 Pro chainsaw extremely easy to use, even in the toughest environments. This chainsaw has an automatic chain lubrication system which will make your job simpler. It also has a decompression valve to make starting the engine easier. The blade guide bar and chain are genuine Oregon components which are well known for their reliability and high performance. The Mitox CS45 Pro chainsaw is a very reliable and high performing chainsaw that uses professional grade components such as a heavy duty crankshaft. Specifications: Engine: Air Cooled 2 Stroke Cylinder Displacement: 45.0cc Power: 1.8kw / 2.4hp Carburettor: Walbro Japan Bar Lengths: 16 Inch Oregon Chain Type: .325 Fuel Mixture: 32:1 Fuel Tank Capacity: 550ml Oil Tank Capacity: 260ml Weight: 6.2kg

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