Mitox 77EX Multi-Tool Extension Shaft by Mitox Parts and Attachments

Mitox 77EX Multi-Tool Extension Shaft Click to verify Price 35.00 Mitox Quick Fit Extension shaft for using with the following petrol multi-tools : Mitox 270MT Mitox 271MT Mitox 281MT Mitox 27MT Mitox 28MT Gardencare MT262 Increases theoverall length by 77.5cm and net weight by 0.714kg. Aluminium coupling and cushion grip. Replaces the original 1.5m extension (now obsolete), which required dismantling of shaft / power unit, replacing the original shaft, so actually only offering around 75cm of extension. New model is a quick coupling fitting to the existing shaft, so no dismantling & quick swapping between standard & extended length. Simply lock coupling to existing shaft, add your attachment & you're ready to go.

Garden Equipment
Product Price: 35.00 VERIFY
Brand: Mitox Parts and Attachments VERIFY
Merchant: Mowers Online VERIFY
Product created on: 14-10-2014 22:44 VERIFY
Product Last updated: 27-02-2015 14:52 VERIFY

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