Mitox 35-4U Select Series 4 Stroke Brush cutter by Mitox

Mitox 35-4U Select Series 4 Stroke Brush cutter Click to verify Price 299.00 The Mitox 35-4U is part of the Mitox Select series of 4 stroke brush cutters. This 35-4U model is fitted with adjustable bike handles and 33.5cc air cooled 4-stroke engine which produces 0.80 kW of power. The handle can be adjusted for optimal comfort or for compact transport and storage. 4 stroke petrol engines produce less emissions and are quieter than the traditional two stroke engines. They also have a lower fuel consumption while generating greater torque. The Mitox 35-4U is made even easier and quicker to use as it doesn't require the oil and fuel to be mixed. The petrol and oil go into separate tanks. The anti-vibration measures fitted ensure the machine can be used for longer periods without excess vibration being transmitted through the users hands and arms. This makes the brush cutter more comfortable to use. Supplied as standard with the 35-4U is the Premium adjustable body harness. The Select series 35-4U comes complete with an auto bump feed with 2.4mm cutting line and a 3 tooth metal blade. Swap between the trimming line for basic light garden strimming jobs or the metal blade for tougher work on thick grass, weeds or brambles. The safety guard includes line blade to keep the trimmer line at the perfect length. Specifications Type : Straight shaft Engine : 4 stroke air cooled Power : 33.5cc / 0.80kW Fuel Tank Capacity : 0.65 litres Handle Type : U, Bike Drive Shaft : 26mm outer shaft, 8mm solid drive shaft Nylon Head : Yes, auto bump feed with 2.4mm cutter line Metal Blade : Yes, 3 Tooth with 255mm diameter Harness : Yes, adjustable with padded straps Vibration – Highest Axis : 6.58 m/s2 Dry Weight : 7kg Warranty : 2 Year Domestic

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