Honda HRE330 Electric Rotary Lawnmower by Honda

Honda HRE330 Electric Rotary Lawnmower Click to verify Price 152.00 The Honda HRE 330 is an electric rotary push lawnmower with a 1100w motor and 33cm cutting width. The HRE330 has improved cutting and collecting performance through a new blade and fan, which improves airflow, combined with an optimised design of the cutter housing. The new blade shape also reduces noise and enhances robustness and safety. A carry handle has been added to aid transportation and a full width bail switch allows easy operation and mowing whether the user is predominantly left or right handed. Additionally a wire tidy tag and bar keep cables out of the way. The Honda HRE330 electric mower also features a new Thermal Cut Off Protection switch which protects the motor from burning out if the blades stop turning when the machine is overloaded or put into an abnormal environment. If the blade stops turning repeatedly the motor is deactivated preventing any permanent damage. Noise levels have also been reduced, thanks to the addition of new motor covers. Specification Motor: 1100w Cutting width : 33cm Grass bag capacity : 27 litres Cable : 15m Weight: 11kg 2850rpm blade speed Manufacturer's warranty

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