Earthway Precision Garden Seeder by Earthway

Earthway Precision Garden Seeder Click to verify Price 150.00 The Earthway Precision Garden Seeder takes the hard work out of planting. The garden seeder comes with 6 easy to change seed plates. The adjustable ground-opener drops the seed at the requireddepth. Seeds are covered, soil is packed, and the next row is marked in one simple operation. The Precision Garden Seeder iseasy to use – lightweight,simple to handle, and there are no maintenance problems. Tough construction and corrosion resistant materials combine to give every seeder owner years of trouble free use. Features Includes 6 seed plates for: Corn Peas – 3″ spacing. Will also plant Jumbo and early peas. Carrots – Uniform spacing. Will also plant Lettuce, Turnips, Cabbage, Onions & Tomatoes. Beans – 3.5″ spacing. Will also plant small peas. Radishes – 1.5″ spacing. Will also plant Asparagus, Leeks and Spinach. Beets – 3.5″ spacing. Will also plant Okra and Swiss Chard. Additional seed plates are available for Lettuce, Cucumber, Popcorn, Lima and Cauliflower at £13.39 each. Please ring us on 01452 616169 or email us if you would like to order any additional seed plates. Manufacturer's 90 day warranty.

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