DR PRO 26 B&S Electric Start Field and Brush Mower by DR

DR PRO 26 B&S Electric Start Field and Brush Mower Click to verify Price 2599.00 The DR Field & Brush mower has a powerful 10.2kW Briggs & Stratton engine and a cutting width of 66cm (26″). Known as the 'Jungle Buster'!. It's a beast! The DR® All-TerrainTM Field and Brush Mower is an amazing mower – it mows and chops all types of vegetation, cuts brush, brambles – even 1½” thick saplings. It turns your problem areas into an attractive, low-maintenance meadow that you need only cut once or twice a year. It's self-propelled, and can get where large equipment can't – for example, to thin undergrowth in woodland. Features Lockable Differential Provides Complete Control: Choose the drive mode that suits your terrain. With a flip of a lever, engage the differential and you'll have both wheels 'locked' together, for superior pulling power when working in rough terrain, on hills, and in mud and snow. Blade Clutch: Pull the blade clutch lever and the blade starts spinning, release the lever and a powerful brake stops the blade almost instantly. Pivoting Mower Deck: Automatically follows the contour of the ground by pivoting 12 degrees to each side. This action minimizes scalping and improves traction in uneven terrain by helping to keep the weight of the machine on its drive wheels. Specification Engine: Briggs & Stratton I/C OHV Starting Method: Electric Start Power: 10.2kW Cutting Width: 26 inch Cutting Height: 4 inch Electric Start Transmission: 4 Forward, 1 Reverse Tyres : 18″ x 6½” lugged Weight 151kg Warranty : 2 year homeowner (90 day commercial) Historical Part Number: DRFBM145E

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