Cooper Pegler CP8 10 Litre Sprayer by Cooper Pegler

Cooper Pegler CP8 10 Litre Sprayer Click to verify Price 74.95 The Cooper Pegler Maxi Pro Series of garden sprayers are made from robust materials and are easy to use. They are compact and have been developed for professional pesticide application. Filling the tank is as easy as removing the pump assembly. The pump is used to pressurise the tank but as a safety precaution there is valve that prevents over-pressurisation. This is a fantastic and easy to use garden sprayer which will get the job done in no time. Specifications: Tank Size: 10litre Tank Material: Polypropylene Filler Neck: 140mm Maximum Pressure: 4 Bar Lance Length: 370mm Weight: Empty 2.38kg / Full 3.29kg

Garden Equipment
Product Price: 74.95 VERIFY
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