Cobra BV26C Petrol Blower/Vac by COBRA

Cobra BV26C Petrol Blower/Vac Click to verify Price 119.95 An essential part of the Autumn garden clear up is a leaf blower and vacuum. You will find it so much easier to use one of these machines instead of the traditional method of clearing up leaves with a rake and wheel barrow. Garden vacuums suck up fallen leaves and other garden debris into a collection bag which can be emptied out onto a compost heap when you're finished. The best way to use a leaf blower is once a week while the leaves are still fresh and not stuck to the ground. Less effort is required this way. The Cobra BV26C is a petrol model with a powerful 26cc 2 stroke engine. Use the BV26C either in blower mode or switch to a vacuum which mulches the material at a 10:1 ratio. Mulching down reduces the amount of material you have to dispose off and creates more run in the collection bag. Specification Type : Blower / Vacuum Engine : Cobra 26cc 2stroke Fuel : unleaded petrol Oil: 2 stroke engine oil Starter : Recoil, manual pull Mulching : 10:1 Collection Bag : Yes, with strap Weight : 5kg Warranty : 2 year domestic

Garden Equipment
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