We specialise in tree stump grinding and tree root removal, we are based in North West Essex and cover the following counties; Essex, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire and Hertfordshire.

Tree Stump Grinding And Tree Root Removal Services Essex

I specialise in tree stump grinding and tree root removal, I am based in North West Essex, most of our tree stump grinding is in Essex but we also cover the following counties offering tree stump grinding Suffolk, Cambridgeshire and Hertfordshire.

I have been offering a tree stump grinding service since 2004, I am very familiar with the tree stump removal business, however large or small or whether you have multiple tree roots we can offer a tree stump grinding service.

I use a Predator radio remote stump grinder which is a low ground pressure tracked machine causing minimal damage to your lawn. (You can see the video below of their stump grinding in action)

The stump cutter will fit through a 26-inch gate (66 centimetres) and is capable of grinding any size tree stump or root.

I work in private gardens, golf courses, parks and local authorities etc.

The stumps are ground into small chippings, which will rot down so therefore there is no root ball to dispose of.

There are various tree stump removal methods, but stump grinding is the most efficient and affordable way to remove a tree stump.

You can try, do it yourself tree stump grinding by renting a stump grinder for a few hours. This often works out more expensive than using a stump grinder removal service, like myself.

We are fully insured

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Roy will grind your stump

For a free quote please call Roy 07971 648879 or use the form below.

Request a free no hassle quote via e mail.  Please include your location and phone number.

The absolute minimum to visit your location and grind your stump is £50
For example, in the video to the left, I visited a place near Cambridge, it was about a 60 mile round trip and I charged £150. The actual grinding of the fairly large stump was probably 30 minutes and preparation and clearing up another one hour. Please call today for an instant quote.


Almost Finished Stump Grinding

Almost Finished Stump Grinding



Stump Grinding A Cricket Bat Willow Stump

Stump Grinding A Cricket Bat Willow Stump