Log Splitters

MD 4-Ton Electric Horizontal Log-Splitter

The MD 4-Ton Electric Horizontal Log-Splitter a high quality, robust and simple to use horizontal log splitter. The MD four ton Electric horizontal log splitter is for domestic use, but it offers exceptional value for reducing logs into manageable sizes suitable for your wood burner or stove.

Although this is a very compact log splitter, it does take the strenuous effort out of splitting wood, especially those particular knotty bits of wood that only a log splitter can really cope with! With the MD four ton log splitter, log splitting can be made easy and logs can be created effortlessly! The MD four ton log splitter offers excellent value for money.

The MD four ton log splitter exerts four tons of pressure per square inch, which is considerably more powerful than your average axe! The log splitter has a hydraulic ram which is operated by a lever which puts pressure on the log as the wedge-shaped head is hydraulically forced into the wood! The log splitter can take logs up to 25 cm in diameter and 37 centimetres long. The log splitter is powered by a 1500 W motor, which is approximately 2 hp, which then powers the hydraulic ram. So there is no engine maintenance.

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The MD four ton electric horizontal log splitter comes with safety features that include two-handed operation, which ensures that your hands don’t come into contact with the working mechanism while the machine is operating.

The log splitter is easy to move around from one area to another, it comes with transport wheels and comfortable rubber handgrips making it very straightforward to store or to move around various areas.

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  • Very high-quality domestic log splitter
  • High specifications for this price-range
  • Mains motor means no maintenance and clean, quiet power
  • Two-hand safety operation – keeps hands/arms away from the splitting-mechanism
  • Wheels for easy transport
  • Comfortable rubber handgrip


Motor Mains Electric
Power 1500w
Splitting Force 4 Tons
Max. Log Diameter 25cm
Max. Log Length 37cm
Four-Way Wedge No
Two Hand Safety Control Yes
Transport Handle Yes
Transport Wheels Yes
Weight 40kg
Warranty 2 Years