Castel Garden 41cm – 16 Inch Blade fits 430, 480 p/n 181004396/0 or 81004396/0 by CastelGarden

Castel Garden 41cm - 16 Inch Blade fits 430, 480 p/n 181004396/0 or 81004396/0 Click to verify Price 21.90 This is a genuine Castel Garden 41cm – 16 Inch Blade p/n 181004396/0 Suitable for the following models; C480WTR CA 480 CA430 CA430S CA430TR CA434 CA434TR CA434TR 4S CA434TR/E CA434TR/E 4S CA434TR4S CA434WTR CA434WTR/E CA434WTR4S CA434WTR-E4S CA480 CA480TR CA480W CA480WTR CA484 CA484TR CA484TR 4S CA484TR/E CA484TR/E 4S CA484TR4S CA484WTR CA484WTR/E CA484WTR4S CA484WTR-E4S CA534 CA534TR CA534TR 4S CA534TR/E CA534TR/E 4S CA534TR4S CA534WTR CA534WTR/E CA534WTR4S CA534WTR-E4S CA844TR CAL480 CAL480W CAL430 CAL430R CAL430S CAL430TR CAL434 CAL434TR CAL434TR 4S CAL434TR/E CAL434TR/E 4S CAL434TR4S CAL434WTR CAL434WTR/E CAL434WTR4S CAL434WTR-E4S CAL480 CAL480TR CAL480TRW CAL480W CAL480WTR CAL484 CAL484TR CAL484TR 4S CAL484TR/E CAL484TR/E 4S CAL484TR4S CAL484TR-E CAL484TR-E4S CAL484WTR CAL484WTR/E CAL484WTR4S CAL484WTR-E CAL484WTR-E4S CAL534 CAL534TR CAL534TR 4S CAL534TR/E CAL534TR/E 4S CAL534TR4S CAL534WTR CAL534WTR/E CAL534WTR4S CAL534WTR-E4S CAL844TR M484 M534 MG484 MG534 MGL484 MGL534 ML484 ML534 R430 R480 R430 R430S R430TR R434 R434TR R434TR/E R480 R480TR R484 R484TR R484TR/E R534 R534TR R534TR/E RL430 RL430S RL430TR RL434 RL434TR RL434TR/E RL480 RL480TR RL484 RL484TR RL484TR/E RL534 RL534TR RL534TR/E SPL484 SPL484TR SPL484TR4S SPL484TR-E SPL484TR-E4S SPL534 SPL534TR SPL534TR4S SPL534TR-E SPL534TR-E4S T430 T480 T430S T434 T484 TD480TR TD430 TD430S TD430TR TD434 TD480 TD480TR TD480TRW TD480W TD480WTR TD484 TD484TR TD484TR/W TD484TR4S TD484TR4S/W TD484TR-E TD484TR-E4S TD534 TD534TR TD534TR/W TD534TR4S TD534TR4S/W TD534TR-E TD534TR-E4S TDL430 TDL430S TDL430TR TDL434 TDL480 TDL480TR TDL480TRW TDL480W TDL480WTR TDL484 TDL534 TDL534W W484 W534 WL484 WL534 XS 45 EL XSE 45 EL Length: 16″ (406.4mm) Centre Hole: 3/4″ (18.3mm) Rotation: Clockwise If you are unsure whether this is the correct part for your machine, please fill out our online parts enquiry form here . The technical department will then respond to confirm whether or not it is the correct part for your machine.

Garden Equipment
Product Price: 21.90 VERIFY
Brand: CastelGarden VERIFY
Merchant: Mowers Online VERIFY
Product created on: 08-09-2013 20:51 VERIFY
Product Last updated: 20-07-2015 00:45 VERIFY

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