Brill 38VE/RL Combi Care Electric Scarifier & Lawn Aerator by Brill

Brill 38VE/RL Combi Care Electric Scarifier & Lawn Aerator Click to verify Price 189.00 The Brill 38VE RL Combi Care electric lawn scarifier & aerator has a 38cm working width with a 14 blade aerator cassette and a 24 spring scarifying cassette. The Brill 38VE/RL is powered by a 1300 watt motor. The 38VE Combi Care offers the benefits of great looking and green lawns, dual purpose aerator or scarifier drum means that you can easily change the function of the machine to suit the job in hand. Whether raking out thatch and moss, or more intensive care, aerating the lawn becomes easy with this durable machine. A visual safety indicator shows whether the shaft is properly fitted and stable. The special blades remove moss and thatch and can penetrate the ground. This increases thatch aeration allowing nutrients and water supply into the grass roots, rejuvenating the lawn. Features Working depth: Quick and easy to adjust Patented, 5-position dial adjuster means that one touch is sufficient to reach the desired depth. Gentle care: Scarifying Rake with 24 specially formed steel spring hooks for gentle lawn care. Intensive care: Aerating Aerating cassette with 14 special blades made in hardened steel for intensive lawn care. Manufacturer's 2 year Warranty Specification Electric Motor Power: 1300 watt. 230V 2800rpm Wheels/Tyres Diameter: 180mm Weight: 13.8kg Cable Length: 12m Scarifying Working Width: 37cm Aerator Working Width: 36cm Aerator roller: 24 spring steel prongs Number of Blades: 14 steel Blade Diameter: 155mm Aeration Depth: 5-stage, approx 10mm Fabric Grass Box Volume: 55 litre

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