Bosch Indego Li-ion Robotic Lawn mower by Bosch

Bosch Indego Li-ion Robotic Lawn mower Click to verify Price 1249.00 The innovative Bosch Indego Li-ion robotic lawnmower is an intelligent machine which does all the hard work so you don’t have to. Sit back and relax while the Indego mows your lawn, completely independently. The Lithium-ion battery is capable of powering the Indego for up to 50 minutes. However once the battery starts to get low, the Indego will return to its docking station, recharge the battery and carry on mowing the lawn. The Indego has an intelligent navigation system which will automatically measure your lawn and calculate the shortest route possible. Using this information it will start cutting your lawn in tidy parallel lines. This clever robotic mower is powered by a 32v lithium-ion battery; it is easy to set up. Simply install the docking deck and set up the perimeter wire and the Indego will do the rest. Includes : 32v Lithium-ion battery Docking Station x4 Docking Station Fixing Nails x600 Perimeter Wire Fixing Pegs 300m Perimeter Wire Specifications: Battery: 31.4 v 3.0ah Battery Type: Lithium-ion Battery Charge Time: 50 mins Battery Run Time: 50 mins Cutting Width: 26cm Height of cut: 20 – 60mm Cut Settings: 10 Cut System: 3 centrifugal blades Speed: 0.45m/sec Slopes: 35% Sound Level: 75dB 2 Years Domestic Warranty

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