Bosch ART35 600w Electric Lawn Trimmer by Bosch

Bosch ART35 600w Electric Lawn Trimmer Click to verify Price 86.99 The Bosch ART35 is a new heavy duty grass trimmer from Bosch designed for tougher strimming duties around the lawn and garden. The 600w high performance electric motor drives the cutting line at up to 8,000 rpm in a 35cm diameter cutting circle. The robust style of the ART 35 trimmer can withstand knocks and bumps and with ergonomic hand grips and a shoulder belt is easy handle and transport. Specifications Motor: 600w Cutting Circle Diameter : 35cm· Cutting System : Line Spool Cutting Speed : 8,000 rpm Line Diameter : 1.6mm Weight : 4.6kg Shoulder Belt Included Warranty : 2 Years Domestic

Garden Equipment
Product Price: 86.99 VERIFY
Brand: Bosch VERIFY
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