Bosch ART 26 Easytrim Cordless Grass Trimmer by Bosch

Bosch ART 26 Easytrim Cordless Grass Trimmer Click to verify Price 59.00 Alternative models can be found in the Cordless Grass Trimmer Section . The Bosch ART 26 Easytrim Cordless Grass Trimmer has been designed to be operator friendly and comfortable to use. It has ergonomically designed handles with telescopic functionality. This allows you to adjust the height of the machine (between 35cm and 115cm) to meet your specific requirements. This grass trimmer is powered by an 18 Volt, Nickel Cadmium Battery. The Ni-Cad battery takes approximately 3 hours to charge. Once the battery is fully charged, it will be able to trim up to 800 metres of grass. Cordless grass trimmers offer a great deal of freedom over traditional electric machines as you are not restricted by the length of the cable. This machine has a 90°rotating cutter head. This allows the machine to navigate around obstacles and reach all the nooks and crannies. The aerodynamic polymer blade cutting technology saves the battery energy while still providing a great quality cut. The blade of this machine is also very easy to change with the tool free blade changing system. Specifications: Power: Ni-Cad Battery Battery Voltage: 18V Battery Charge Time: 3 Hours Cutting Diameter: 26cm Cutting System: Plastic Blades Handle: Telescopic Height Adjustment: 80 – 115cm Weight: 3kg Handle: Loop 2 Years Domestic Warranty

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