Bosch AHS35-15LI Cordless Electric Hedgecutter by Bosch

Bosch AHS35-15LI Cordless Electric Hedgecutter Click to verify Price 91.00 This lightweight cordless hedge cutter weighs only 1.9kg, which for any power tool is surprisingly light. This will allow you to continue using the machine for long periods of time without the weight causing you problems. It uses a Lithium-ion battery, which are one of the most commonly used batteries today. They are used in portable electronics and electronic vehicles. Lithium-ion batteries have a short charge time and degrade very little over time. The battery can be fully charged in 3 hours and once fully charged can power the machine for up to 50 minutes. This machine has 35cm long diamond ground blades with 15mm tooth spacing. These blades offer a clean and precise cut. Specifications: Battery Type: Lithium-ion Battery Voltage: 10.8v Battery Charge Time: 3 hour Battery Runtime: 50mins Blade Length: 350mm Blade Spacing: 15mm Blade Type: Double Stroke Rate at no Load: 2,400spm Weight: 1.9kg

Garden Equipment
Product Price: 91.00 VERIFY
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