Bosch AHS 52 ACCU Cordless Hedge cutter by Bosch

Bosch AHS 52 ACCU Cordless Hedge cutter Click to verify Price 89.90 As an alternative we recommend the Bosch AHS 52LI Cordless Hedge cutter . Ergonomic design, low weight and lasting power enable you to cut even medium-thick branches. With the Bosch AHS 52 and its two batteries, 50 metres of hedge can effortlessly be cut in a running time of 110 minutes. The batteries can also be charged in 60 minutes using the supplied fast charger so that when one runs out they can be switched over to carry on the work. Manufacturer's 2 year warranty Features A phenomenal 50 metres of hedge or 110 minutes running time thanks to the double battery pack supplied 520 mm blade length Removable battery for separate charging using the fast charger supplied 15 mm tooth spacing Laser-cut, diamond ground blade Comprehensive system for more safety Quiet runningVery light and easy to use Complete with 14.4V/1.5Ah battery, Fast Charger AL 1404 MV, Protective Blade Cover Specification Cut length: 520 mm Tooth spacing: 15 mm Run time: 55 min (on a single battery) Stroke rate, idling: 2200 rpm Weight: 2,6 kg

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