Ardisam Vector Compact Front Tine Tiller by Ardisam

Ardisam Vector Compact Front Tine Tiller Click to verify Price 425.00 A tiller is a tool that is used in agriculture to treat soil. Tillage can be performed by shovelling, picking, hoeing and raking the soil. These manual methods can be tiresome and time consuming however the Ardisam Vector compact tine tiller is a mechanical tillage machine that makes the process quick and easy. The benefits of tillage include facilitating the planting of crops, destroying weeds, drying the soil before seeding and helping to prepare a smooth surface for planting. The Ardisam Vector compact front tine tiller is equipped with a powerful 98cc viper engine that powers the tines at 200rpm. This outstanding front tine tiller has been developed with usability as a priority, its weighs only 90lbs which gives the machine exceptional manoeuvrability and balance. It also comes including a drag stake which can act as a pivot point between wheels. This pivot point greatly improves the machines turning circle which is very beneficial if you are tilling it tight spaces. The Vector compact front tine tiller is very comfortable to use as it has ergonomically designed bicycle style handle bars. The design of the handlebars also gives you a lot of leverage over the machine which adds to the overall controllability. The throttle is mounted on the handle bar so regulating the speed of the tillers is done in an easy and comfortable manner. The tine shields are removable which allows for tilling in tight spaces while maintaining visibility. This tiller has a working width that can be adjusted by moving the tines inwards. The working width can be adjusted to 11 inches, 16 inches or 21 inches and the working depth is 11 inches. Specifications: Engine: Viper Power: 98cc Working Width: 11 Inches, 16 Inches or 21 Inches Working Depth: 11 Inches Tine Speed: 176 RPM Max Wheel Size : 8 inch Weight: 90lbs (41kg) Warranty : 2 year homeowner (90 day commercial)

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