Ardisam TX500 Double-Jointed Rush Ramps by Ardisam Parts and Attachments

Ardisam TX500 Double-Jointed Rush Ramps Click to verify Price 319.00 Ardisam TX500 Packable Rush ™ Ramps.The Ultimate folding ramps for simple storage and transport. Simply unfold the ramps and they lock into the safety position for loading into trucks, trailers, flatbeds and vans. When you are done fold back down to the original 51.5″ size and pack away. These Ardisam packable ramps are constructed from hinged aluminium and feature patented double jointed technology. The aircraft grade aluminium is corrosion resistant and lighter than steel. The Ardisam TX500 Rush ramps have tight rung gaps for a smoother load and easier use with smaller wheeled machines. The raised side rails on the TX500 ramps form a V to keep wheels centred on the ramps. At full length the ramps measures 193cm and have a width of 39.9cm. They can hold a vehicle upto 907kg in weight. Each ramp weighs 9.7kg and they come with 2 security straps. Specifications: Type : RUSH™ Packable Ramps Construction : Aluminium Length Folded : 131cm Length Unfolded : 193cm (76″) Width : 39.9cm (15.3″) Weight Capacity : 907kg Ramp Weight : 18.8kg per pair Security Straps : 2

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