Ardisam Earthquake Dually One or Two Man Earth Auger Power Component by Ardisam

Ardisam Earthquake Dually One or Two Man Earth Auger Power Component Click to verify Price 405.00 An Auger is a device that is used to dig holes and remove the material from it. It works due to the rotation of the blades acting as a screw conveyor that brings the material from the hole, to the surface. Earth augers are designed to be either one person machines or two person machines, the Dually is the first earth auger that has been designed so that it can be operated either individually or by 2 people at the same time. This dual functionality is great for the tough jobs where you may need an additional pair of hands. The dually is equipped with a 52cc viper engine that provides the machine with all the power and speed you will need. The machine features a five bearing transmission and solid steel heat-treated alloy gears. This machine is both reliable and durable and has a system that that allows the centrifugal clutch to slip if the auger should suddenly hit something and stop. This machine also has an industrial air filtration system. The Ardisan dually auger power component has a unique handle bar that has been specially designed for dual purpose use. Its ergonomic design allows for two throttle controls to be mounted on to the handle bars so that the operators can control the machine from the position the feels most comfortable. The handles bars have comfortable foam grip and an anti-vibration system that ensures maximum user comfort. They are also virtually indestructible and the design forms a protective cage around the engine that protects it from potential damage. Specifications: Engine: Viper 2-cycle Power: 52cc Gear Ratio: 30:1 Shaft Diameter : 7/8in Max RPM: 285 Auger Diameters (Inches): 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 10 Weight: 24 lb (10.8kg) Warranty : 1 year homeowner, 90 day commercial

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