AL-KO GT550 Premium Electric Grass Trimmer by AL-KO

AL-KO GT550 Premium Electric Grass Trimmer Click to verify Price 89.00 AL-KO garden machinery are introducing a range of mains electric grass trimmers from late 2014. European build quality with style. The AL-KO GT 550 Premium has a 550w motor and extra features for operator comfort including an adjustable handle and telescopic aluminium shaft. The trimmer head can be adjusted three ways and turned through 180 degrees so you can continue to strim in hard to reach places like under hedges, against walls and around plants. Turning the head will enable you to trim the edges of your lawn for that extra precise finish. The plant protection bar and wheel make strimming around delicate plants without damaging them easier. The AL-KO GT550 Premium is light weight in design weighing only 3kg and would suit small to medium sized areas of lawn and garden. Specifications Type : Mains electric strimmer Model : GT 550 Premium Motor : 550w Cutting Width : 30cm Head : Automatic feed Adjustable Shaft : Yes Adjustable Handle : Yes Pivoting Head : Yes Weight : 3kg Warranty : 2 year homeowner

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