AGRI-FAB 85lb Tow Broadcast Spreader by AGRI-FAB

AGRI-FAB 85lb Tow Broadcast Spreader Click to verify Price 89.00 AGRI-FAB 85lb/39kgTow Broadcast Spreader (45-0315). This Agri-Fab Towed Broadcast Spreader has a fully enclosed gear case for longer working life, even at higher towing speeds. The hopper capacity is 85 lbs/ 39 kgsand the spread width 8 – 10 making it ideal for small areas up to 14,200 sq. ft. The tyres are fully pneumatic to help handle uneven ground and measure 10 inchx 4 inchoffering good support and traction in all conditions. The sturdy axle is made from ½• tubular steel as is metal frame. The hopper is poly enabling it to be used for fertilizers in the spring and summer and for spreading salt in the winter. Manufacturer's 1 year warranty

Garden Equipment
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