AGRI-FAB 42 inch Rough Cut Lawnmower (45-0362) by AGRI-FAB

AGRI-FAB 42 inch Rough Cut Lawnmower (45-0362) Click to verify Price 2149.00 Although this Agri-Fab machine is no longer available please use the following link to view the DR Pro XL Tow Behind Field and Brush Mower. The Agri-Fab 42″ / 105cm Rough Cut tow lawnmower is perfect for tending to large areas of dense grass. Agri-Fab have designed this towed lawnmower to be towed behind an ATV for quick and easy mowing. The Agri-Fab 42″ Rough Cut Lawnmower features chains on the front of the mower deck to prevent material from flying forward while cutting. Dual 5.5 lb. break-away blades are designed to break back when striking an immovable object, while allowing the engine to keep right on running. This Agri-Fab mower features a swivel hitch point and will offset from 0 to 23″ allowing you to cut a full 42″ path while the tow vehicle drives down a clean cut path, parallel to the mower. Specification Engine: 14.5hp OHV-I/C Briggs & Stratton Engine Electric Start Height Adjust: 1.5″ – 5″ Dual 5.5lb Heavy Duty breakaway blades No tools required to offset the mower Offsets from 0 – 23″ right or left 1 Year Warranty

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