16″ Chainsaw Saw Chain 57 links 3/8″ 1.3mm 0.50 by CML

1616″ Chainsaw Saw Chain 57 links 3/8″ 1.3mm 0.050″ PLEASE ENSURE DETAILS LISTED MATCH THOSE OF YOUR CHAIN DRIVE LINKS: Number of links that sit in guide bar PITCH: Measure between 3 rivets & divide by 2 GAUGE: Distance between rails on guide bar Please count the links on your existing chain before ordering to ensure correct chain length (Most chainsaws offer more than one bar length option, so chain size will vary too). Suitable for the following models; Aldi GCS2000, GPCS46Z, GLPC-40 AL-KO E1200, 1400E, 1500E, 2000, 2300, E125, 25A, KS, KSB, KE4000, KE3500 VARIO Bosch 1586.7, 1586.8, AKE0B, AKE30LI, AKE35B, AKE40B, GKE35BC, GK40BC, PKE25, PKE30B, PKE35B, PKE40, AKE35- 19PRO, 40-19PRO, AKE40/17S, AKE40-19S, AKE40S, AKE40-19PRO Echo CS-285EVL, CS90EVL, CS-300EVL, CS-280E, CS-301, CS305, CS341, CS346, CS-302, CS-315, ECS150, ECS1850FT, CS-320EVL, CS-328, CS-340, CS-345, CS-351, CS-330EVL, CS-328, CS-340, CS-345, CS-351, CS-330EVL, CS-360EVL, CS370, E155, CS-2800, CS-2900, S2000, CS3000, CS3050, CCS3400, CS3450, CS4400, ECS150, ECS1850FT, S2600, CS3000, CS3400, C2700, CS3050, CS3500, CS350 Gardencare GC4016, 4016 Gardenline GCS2000, GLPC-40, GPCS-42cc Hitachi CS33EA, CS33EB, CS33ET, CS35B, CS350B,CS280A, CS280B, CS350A Jonsered BABYSAW M36, M361, 361, 365, 370, 2033 TH Makita DCS330S, DCS350, DCS3501, DCS390, UC3501, UC3520A, BUC250RDE, BUC122RFE, DCS400, DCS380, DCS300, DCS3410TH, DCS323T, UC3030A, DCS340, DCS341, DCS401, DCS4610, UC3530AK, UC3000, UC3500, UC4000, UC4030AK, 5012, 5014, 5016 Mitox 3814, 4116 Ryobi APR02, RCS3540C, PCN3335, RCS3335, RCS3535CA, RCS3540C, RCS1835,EW1835, ECW1840, ECW1841, RCS4046 Equivalent to Oregon 91, Carlton N1C, Stihl Picco (Micro, Duro, Super), Stihl 63PM, Husqvarna H43X, EM S43X, Windsor 50R, Homelite 35-M50, GB (Sabre, TSC, Excel) 357, Dolmar 92.

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